"This is my OC Kohara Ryuzaki from my story, my very depressing story? I hardly draw backgrounds so I thought it'd be fun to experiment in this drawing so I drew cemetery ^-^ .... lol ur probably thinking that its very emo, well it is... in the story his mom died so he's supposed to be lying on her grave.... but theres a lot more depressing things in the story DX"

- Kameko-chan
"Johnny Depp Portrait is drawn in dry brush technique I was going to draw for a long time for myself, the Well-known Pirate of Caribbean sea and Popular for the whole world actor Johnny Depp. Drawing process Johnny Depp Portrait has been shooting on video, in percentage terms it makes 70%. During drawing of a portrait shooting on video constantly distracts and sometimes and at all forget to include it in the fullness of time. The portrait was drawn about 6 hours, according to video reproduction in the accelerated mode is collected from video of fragments. To achieve the best result of perception of a portrait in the course of drawing it was necessary to correct various defects and errors many."

- Igor Kazarin